Timi B. Fair

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
--C.G. Jung 

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People often misunderstand what psychotherapy is and does.  Some think that only people who have very severe emotional disturbances participate in psychotherapy. Some may see accessing psychotherapy as a sign of weakness. While some people who seek therapy do have a  severe emotional disturbance, the majority of therapy seekers are people who are simply struggling with a certain aspect of their lives.  Try as they might on their own, they just cannot seem to find the answer for the desired change. These people are committed to making healthy changes, so they seek guidance. In my view, this makes them very strong and not at all weak.  

We cannot always identify the thoughts or behavior patterns we have that keep us stuck.  This is true of every person because it is difficult to see things that are too close to us.  As the old saying goes, "We cannot see the forest for the trees." Psychotherapy is an insight-gaining process that can enable you to move beyond obstacles that keep you from having a more fulfilling life.  It can help you understand what blocks you from moving forward, and identifying these barriers is an important part of your growth.  Together we can develop strategies to reduce or eliminate thoughts and/or behaviors that interfere with your success.  Psychotherapy can help you cope and function at your best.