Master of Arts in Counseling, Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, Arizona, May, 2010

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Northern Arizona University
​Flagstaff, Arizona, May, 2007

​Certificate, Addictions Counseling, UCLA Extension
​Los Angeles, CA, 2003

I do this work to help you live a more fulfilling life.  I am passionate about helping you find your own answers so you can experience more freedom.  I am also eager to show you ways to empower yourself, particularly if you have experienced events that left you feeling powerless.  Witnessing the resiliency of the human spirit and watching people grow is more exhilarating than anything else.  My clients continually inspire me with their willingness to go to the painful places of their lives with me.  Seeing you emerge stronger, wiser, and more satisfied with life than you were before is a remarkable experience. In the film, Finding Joe, Robert Walter said, "People wake up to the fact that they are the hero of their own life when the get tired of being the victim of it."  I do this work to see you become the hero of your own life!

I offer a confidential, respectful, and comfortable environment for your therapy.  I use an integrative approach to psychotherapy because I respect the individuality of each client. I believe skilled therapists are intuitive and are able to decipher which approach will work with each client.  There is no single magic formula because each of us is unique. Some approaches that I favor are Jungian Therapy, Depth Psychology, Trauma Processing, Narrative Therapy, 

Cognitive Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Mindfulness. I stay active in continuing education and enjoy learning new practices that could benefit you.  The single most important factor that influences how I work with you is your goal for therapy.  Being authentic with each other and keeping a sense of humor about life and ourselves contribute greatly to the therapeutic process.​​

I work with men and women who face challenges with anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, substance abuse, mood disorders, self-esteem, traumatic experiences, and life transitions. Maybe you are seeking therapy because you want something to change in your life and are having a difficult time effecting change on your own.  Possibly you are repeating the same scenarios in your relationships and do not know how to stop the pattern.  Perhaps you have unresolved grief and wish to move on.  Have you recently made a big change in your life that has left you feeling lost and disconnected?  Are you struggling with substance abuse and find the traditional supports wanting? Is  trauma, depres-sion, or anxiety interfering with your ability to live as fully as you want to? Please call me to discuss the issues that have brought you to this website.

Timi B. Fair

5306 Ballard Ave NW l Seattle, WA 98107 l  (206) 706-2839

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