Timi B. Fair

Meet the Co-facilitator

Angela Grace

women's trauma recovery group

This group is for women who want to reduce the impact that trauma has imposed on their lives.  It is a 16-week group focusing on structured work on a specific goal of your trauma recovery.  You will share your trauma histories and process trauma-related grief.  You will set your own trauma recovery goal, which has the potential to minimize the interference that trauma symptoms can cause in your life. Trauma recovery can be much more effective when you are in a supportive group that works together to inspire each other.

If you have been a victim of trauma or abuse, have made some progress in trauma-focused therapy, have not engaged in self-harming/high risk behaviors or substance abuse during the past 6 months, and would like to further understand and decrease the influence trauma has on your life, then please call me to find out if this is the right group for you.

I am currently interviewing for a 16-week session beginning in Fall, 2015.  Please call if you are interested.

Fee for 16-week session:  $550

5306 Ballard Ave NW l Seattle, WA 98107 l  (206) 706-2839